Friday, March 17, 2017

Because i can. Shut Up.

Kimono - ASO! Silky Kimono Kanazawa from Re:Japonica
Bra and Panties - Le Fil Casse Akira Pink Bra and Panties
Collar and Boots - Zenith Xiang Mo Boots and Collar Pink
Hair - Wasabi Pills Viola Hair for FLF
Eyes - CURELESS Cat Eye Syndrome group gift eyes
Skin and Makeup - Kiiko Skin Applier for Catya ::Nokaze:: *11,12 RARE from Re:Japonica, Izzie's Bloody Lips, ::UmemaRu:: Feminine Blush Pack
Nails - ARTERY // Japoneize Nail White 01 from Re:Japonica
and as always, All the Ugly and Beautiful NEKO'NEKO Fluffy Bento Tail and Ears

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cherry Cola

Coat, Top and Skirt - AMITOMO Focus on Me Gacha 2 for Kustom9 March 2017
Socks - C'est la Vie Jody Rib Socks #2
Boots - Katatonik (army) Old Boots for The Arcade March 2017
Hair - [DUE] Mercury Red
Skin and Makeup - Glam Affair Colette Skin Europa for Catwa, Glam Affair Medison Lipstick for Catwa Heads Set 2 for Kustom9, :UmemaRu: Feminine Blush Pack, Izzie's Natural Eye Crease Set Catwa for FLF, #Adored Jordan Lashes for Skin Fair 2017 
Shape - My Own
Eyes - LOTUS Formation Eyes 07
Necklace - M. Birdie Leah Look Choker for the Arcade March 2017
and as always, All the Ugly and Beautiful NEKO'NEKO Bento Fluffy Tail and Ears

Saturday, March 11, 2017

I will Shine

Dress - Kaunis Night Shine Dress Maitreya (Coming Soon)
Shoes - Essenz Zaragoza Red
Jewelry - Maxi Gossamer Jade's Shanghai Teardrop, Izzie's Assorted Beads Bracelet, NOX. Era Septum Venus
Hair - Puft Mezzo Darks
Eyes - #adored Daydream Eyes Honey
Skin and Makeup - Belleza Callie Skin Sunkissed for Catwa and Belleza Callie Eyeliners for FLF,  #adored Vaseline Dip Face Gloss from Skin Fair 2017 and #adored Sticky Shadow Bare Edition for Whore Couture Fair 2017, The Skinnery Zendaya Lipstick Kit, L'Etre Allyson Hairbase, Shape is my own
and as always, All the Ugly and Beautiful NEKO'NEKO Bento Fluffy Tail and Ears

Monday, March 6, 2017

Meow haz wares if you have coin

Jacket, Shirt and Skirt - Amiable Girly Spring Gacha 02 and 13 for The Chapter Four

Shoes - Reign Mini Slips Fatpack for FLF

Jewelry - M.I.X. Robbon Choker

Hair - Lamb. Loomer Ombre Pack

Eyes - CHAIN Laura Eyes

Skin and Makeup - PUMEC May Rare for the Chapter Four, #adored Real Simple Eyeliner Coal, Pink Acid/Catwa Kappukeki Fall Gloss Touch Caramel on Catwa Kimberly Bento Head, My Own Custom Shape

and as always, All the Ugly and Beautiful NEKO'NEKO Bento Fluffy Tail and Ears

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Red Queen

Gown - Stargazer Creations Menya Gown for the Avenue
Hair - Tableau Vivant Hairplay Down Blow Redheads for the Arcade
Jewelry - ieQED Gloriana Crown Red for SLB13, NOX Anda Septum Red, ieQED Viviane Pearl Harness, C.Ment choker sanarae gift Red, MANDALA Takara Bangles Buddha Red
Eyes - SU69 XMAS gift for Be Beauty
Skin and Makeup - Glam Affair Alexa applier Polar for Catwa, Zibska Aimi Eye Makeup Gift for On9, Izzie's Metallic Lipstick for the Liaison Collaborative on Catwa Kimberly Mesh Head, My Own Shape
Nails - Veechi Bloody Glitter Nails
Tattoo - Carol G Intense Tattoo Red
and as always, All the Ugly and Beautiful Neko'Neko Bento Fluffy Tail and Ears

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Girls Around Town

Dis mah bestest foxy girl buddeh, Miss Pieni. She has the Kuiskaava Kettu Blog. We play and shop and blog and build things together. We do a blog together today. Giggle. 

On Miss Pieni Fox
Pants: Izzie's - Twinnie Jeggings Appliers
Shoes: TETRA - Double Wrap Bootie (Pebble),
Jacket: TETRA - Leather Jacket with Hoodie (Pebble)
Skin: Glam Affair -  Cute Zoella Applier ( Catwa ) Jamaica
eyes: {S0NG} :: Aimi // Pale Blue Eyes, Kawaii Project,
Shape: my own

On Miss Mattie Puss

Jacket and Boots - TETRA Leather Jacket with Hoodie and Double Wrap Bootie in Pebble for FLF

Jeans - Izzie's Twinnie Jeggings Applier

Hair - Magika Amuse Me 01

Jewelry - Amala The Scarlet Necklace for FLF

Eyes - S0NG Mao Eyes Hazel

Skin and Makeup - Glam Affair Cute Zoella Jamaica for FLF, Naughty Princess Smokey Eyeshadow Hud for Catwa, Izzie's Catwa Dark Lip Tint, Kaunis Aino Shape for Catwa Bento Heads

and as Always, All the Ugly and Beautiful Neko'Neko Bento Fluffy Tail and Ears

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Blue Movie

Lingerie - Salt & Pepper Skye Midnight Madness Edition Vintage Pasties, Panties and Stockings
Shoes - ChicChica Kendra Nude
Hair - Doe Meeka Streaks Browns
Eyes - CHAIN Laura Eyes
Jewelry - Maxi Gossamer Knotted Shimmer Pearls Necklace
Skin and Makeup - 7 Deadly Skins Fajen Chestnut on Catwa Kimberly, Custom Shape by Me, theSkinnery Zendaya Lipstick
and as always, All the Ugly and Beautiful NekoNeko Bento Fluffy Tail and Ears Onyx