Wednesday, August 3, 2016

AWT IN DA PAWK! The Mieville Tinyopolis Art Show and Sale!

We ish having a community awt show and sale in Mieville Tinyopolis!

This is a Call for Artists for an ART show and sale to be held 19-20-21 August 2016 in Tinyopolis, Mieville Doyle.

All artists are welcome to submit works of photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.  An artist may submit up to three works in all, regardless of category.

Awards will be made on the third day of the show.  There are no monetary prizes or purchase awards.

Works may be set for sale.  Please sell COPIES so that the show does not empty out!  We do not ask for a percentage of sales, nor is there a fee to participate in the show, but donations are appreciated.  Donation jars will be obvious and plentiful at the show.

NO X-RATED WORK MAY BE SHOWN.  Mieville Doyle is a moderate sim.

Please try to keep the prims and scripts down.  There is no prim limit but we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.  If a work is felt to be too primmy or scripty, the artist will be asked to remove it.  This is at the discretion of the sim owner and estate managers.

Submissions must be made by 10 August 2015.  Artists will be notified of acceptance within 2 days of submission of the work(s).

Set-up must be completed by 17 August, the Thursday before opening.  Please ping Perryn Peterson, Mayor of Mieville, or MatildaRigby Resident (Miss Mattie Puss), Mayoress of Tinyopolis, if you have questions or concerns.

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