Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Renaissance Dinkie at the Faire

I Arrived at the Faire Early in the Morning, Ready to take in the Sights

Took a long stroll through the market areas, finding a peaceful oasis among the quaint and eccentric shoppes.

Met up with my good friend and Master of Revels, Mr Perryn Peterson.

Wondered a little farther and discovered a a large gypsy camp, so colorful with its ornate Vardo wagons and fortune tellers.

Got hungry after all that and headed to the Tavern on the Green. Those are all mah noms.

Got Rather Full and stumbled out into the street and walked to the Winery. A lovely tart red for me, thankies.

The Mieville Renaissance Fair is being held from September 1-30th and has a hunt going on all over the grid with dozens of stores and gifts.

Come have your own Adventure.

Outfit-Noblewoman Dinkie by Designs by Isaura, Dress Hat and shoes
She also has a lil shoppe at the Faire.

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