Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Evidence of the Horrifying Wolpertinger

We set out from the trail, determined to find evidence of the Wolpertinger, A horrifying man slaying  beast. This town had a sighting a few days ago. 

 Our first discovery was of a man who apparently hung himself, likely from the trauma of seeing the dreaded animal.

 The Wolpertinger is said to be a small bunny like creature, with horns and wings like a pheasant. We thought we could find the creature in the town but all we found were bodies and scenes of life left abandoned.

 The flying death bunneh has left murder and chaos in its path! Still no sign of the illusive Wolpertinger. My head is itchy though.

Dress - Violent Seduction Persephone Death
Shoes - Pure Poison Dalia Pumps Black
Hair - +Spellbound+ Suspriria Ash Brown
Animals - Silentsparrow Moonbun Walpertinger Gift for Sanarae Anniversary, katat0nik (purple/skull) Tendil Kitty, Jian :: Kitten Collection Companion
Genesis Labs Bianca Head on Maitreya Lara Body
and As Always, Beusy Salem Cat Ears and Two Cats Somali Neko Tail

Pics Taken at the Scenic Woodbury Falls.

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