Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ready for Spring!

Sweater, Top and Skirt - Sweet Kajira Marcela Orange Jacket and Skirt, Green Top for the Gacha Guardians
Hat - Yokai Spring Garden Straw Hat Rare for Sanarae
Hair - Analog Dog Molina Gift for The Gacha Guardians
Jewelry - Astralia Daisy Bracelet, Vengeful Threads Gilded Mariposa Ring and Delirium Style Beaded Sunflower Necklace
Shoes - Essenz Namibia Soft Yellow Gift for the Gacha Guardians
Eyes - Sintiklia Eyes Vista Gift for the Gacha Guardians
Nails - Aleutia SS17 Manicure Set Gift for the Gacha Guardians
Skin and Makeup - Mudskin Chae-Young #5 gacha, Mello Tintable Faun Spots, Wednesday Gradient Lips Gift, Izzie's Soft Shimmer Eyeshadows, Enfer Sombre Autumn Lashes
and as always, All the Ugly and Beautiful Bento Fluffy Tail and Ears

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