Sunday, September 24, 2017

We've Come So Far

Dress - Valentina E Valesca Gown Leaf Maitreya for Lootbox September 2017
Shoes - fri. Dinah Sandals Sierra
Gloves - Belle Epoque Intense Power Gloves Brown for Lootbox September 2017
Hair - Stealthic Sensual Browns
Eyes - S0NG Sari Eyes Emerald for Pocket Gacha
Jewelry - Birdy Festival Head Jewel Set Olive
Staff - Alchemy The Wilds Staff Earth
Dragon - All the Ugly and Beautiful Fierce Dragon Brothers Gacha #3 Shen Dragon egosumaii for The Arcade September 2017
Belt - Silvan Moon Enchantment November Event hunt Gift Bag
Skin and Makeup - Spirit Skins Galiana Gift Skin Nut, #adored Razorline Shadow # 8 Purple Crush For Pocket Gacha September 2017, Izzie's Metallic Lipsticks
and as always, All the Ugly and Beautiful NEKO'NEKO Bento Fluffy Tail and Ears Onyx

Pics Taken @ Savor Serenity

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