Sunday, July 31, 2016

It's Time for Wootstock, Man

Every year, the tinies gather at the farm for three days of Music and Groovin'.

Walked a little ways and met mah old friend Chance. We shared a bong hit of catnip and started to feel the vibes of Wootstock spirit.

Tinies from far and wide started to gather and sway to the beat of the music. We passed around waffles and love to all our friends who came.

More and more tinies waddled in as the day went on.

The Main Man, the Magistrate of Raglan Shire, Mr Zayn Till, even took the stage to DJ and really got the crowd going.

The Beautiful and Talented Bunneh Singer, Miss Songbird Sorbet sang melodies to a throng of tie tyed tinies.

Maxx Sabretooth sang Funk and R&B. The fuzzy lil crowd was really jammin now!

Grif Bamaisin kicked out the jams with some pawsome Brit Rock. Tinies even got on stage to jam.

At this point, meow might have ate too many of the bad pancake puffs on a stick and had to be rushed to the first aid tent for a maple syrup IV.

As soon as i was recovered, Meow rushed back to catch mah buddy Fullauto Vandyke DJing some righteous tunes. The purple wootberry waffles started to kick in. Meow started feeling hot under the fur and uninhibited.

I took off mah clothes and showed the world the Puss. Dancing wif mah friend Persi.

Wootstock continues it's last day tonight. It's not too late to hear the call of tiny voices beckoning you to the farm for some pawsome grooves and friendship.

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